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Profile blocking:
Some of you might not want to be searchable through this lookup service for one or another reason, fear not.
If you want your ID to be blocked, please send a blocking request with Plus ID and we will add it to our list of blocked ID's.


Please block my profile.
Profile ID: 1234567891234
Profile URL: http://www.find-people.asia/plus/1234567891234
Name: Happy Camper



DMCA infraction or Copyright related:
Please note that the services on this website are "Direct queries" to lookup a profile.
A quick way to see who your friends are connected to, and who else you have in common.

NO profile images are kept on our server. Images are only linked and pulled directly from source when you or your friend make a lookup.
It is "Your web browser" that pulls the images, not our server.

The database cache is erased every 1 hours:
- Not yours or your friends profile connections, or details are kept beyond that.
- Cache is used for building up the relationship profile and for performance reasons.

Profile data is re-compiled if a new Google ID is requested.

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